Offer Terms & Conditions

Offer: “Go online” Website for 399 €

Full Details;

1. Custom design as your requirement
    We always look forward to delivering the best design on the web to achieve a fresh and modern look to give your users the best user experience, the design includes a slider of 3 slides on the first page and 3 image sections on every page for free, you are free to choose colours and font style, if you need more pictures or custom slider with animation effects then there will be some additional charges.
6 static pages & contact form
    The pages include; Home, About us, Sevices, Contact, Imprint and Data protection etc, of course, you can give them any names so this is just an example of 6 pages.
4 Premium images
    We will add 4 premium images to your website which worth around 20 Euro, additional pictures cost 5 Euro or you can provide us with pictures.
One year free web hosting
    If you don’t have a server then you can host your website 1 year free on our server, after 1 year there will be additional cost around 50 Euro per year.
    Note: Domain is not included if you don’t have a domain we can provide you one for an additional cost.
1 official email e.g., info@yourdomain
    If you host on our server we will give an official E-mail ID e.g., info@yourdomain, free for 1 year.
Google Map integration with Google business
    As we all know that Google Maps are very important so we came with the idea to integrate Google Maps API on your website for free with your Gmail account, you have to provide us with your Gmail account or we will create one for you and connect with Google Maps API.
    Note: Run Google maps on your website you need to connect your bank account to Google Maps and there will be charges which you have to pay to Google.

    We will register your Website and Business in Google Business so you will have more visibility on Google.

Listing your website in Google search console
The offer price is for one year from the date you placed the order and you will have 2 updates (e.g., Changing/Adding the pictures or Text) during the year. you can renew next year same plan for 299 Euro.

If you need extra services or option such as booking system, online shop or any dynamic options you can contact us with your requirment.
All third party services are paid by you such as Google etc.