How to choose the right platform for your E-commerce Website?

Choosing the right platforms for your E-commerce store is a bit tricky and most of us get confused when it comes to deciding the right platform for your E-commerce project.

Some of our clients have this question so we decided to write a blog about this topic to help you decide easily.

What is a good Technology to build an online store (E-commerce Website)?

We are working on building good E-commerce Platforms for few years but technology is growing and changing by making it better with new coding languages so here we came up with the best technology to build an online store in 2018+ is NodeJS  &  AngularJS will go on the top for its security and browsing speed.

AngularJS can load a page or multiple products on your online shop 10x faster than the PHP or CMS platforms but if you are looking for cost-friendly way to build an E-commerce website then Magento will be the best for you because it’s a beast in the E-commerce world.

Magento comes with all the options what you’ll need to run an online store (E-commerce website), you can customize Magento completely every section as you need, some feature and themes are paid but don’t worry because every cent you spend it will give you the best returns.

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Let’s talk about the Cheapest way to build an Online Store

If you want to build your Online Store at a low cost then WordPress will be your option where you can have beautiful frontend with almost all options to customize according to your needs, WordPress is an open source CMS platform to build websites & you can integrate multiple payment gateways as well as PayPal Express checkout to get paid using Credit or Debit card. 

Before you choose any technology please keep in mind that migrating your website from one to another technology and you can get trouble with transferring users from your old website.

We are offering E-commerce Portals and Websites in multiple technologies, please feel free to contact us for cost and time estimation.